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Windows Live Photo Gallery Can Rotate Video Clips

Testing video editing apps as I write about them often results in surprises…. sometimes good.
I connected my Canon PowerShot SD750 camera to the Windows 7 system to get a video clip from it to Windows Live Photo Gallery. I tried the menu option of ‘Fix’ and as expected got the message in the preview window saying ‘video files can’t be fixed using Photo Gallery’. The rotate clockwise and counterclockwise choices in the preview window were grayed out, not functional, consistent with the message.
I went back to the gallery and right clicked the same clip without opting to fix it. The rotation choices were not grayed out and I picked one. To my surprise Photo Gallery took the original 640×480 motion JPEG file and made a new WMV file from it, a file with pixel dimensions of 480×640 pixels, which played fine. It didn’t delete the original clip. Windows Live Movie Maker handled the original and rotated clips fine, appropriately adding black left and right borders to the rotated clip.
It’s not often I want to rotate a video clip, but when I do, Photo Gallery is an easy way to do it.
P.S. I tried rotating an MPEG file with Windows Live Photo Gallery on an XP system and it couldn’t… it needed another codec. On Windows 7 the rotate options are not in the list of options for some video clips, and available for others (including .vob files from DVDs).

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  1. Judy

    Thank you for this! All I needed to do was rotate one video clip, and I thought I needed to install Windows Live Movie Maker to do it. I’d have been happy to do that, but apparently it can no longer be done without “upgrading” Photo Gallery (which I do not want to do because of some bugs in the 2011 version). This tip was exactly what I needed.

    February 8, 2011 at 7:44 am

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